Every Second Counts

September 6, 2012 Kevin Egan 2

As we’ve stated before, the Betting School here on BetPreviews.com is all about interactivity – you ask the questions, and we do our best to answer them. Sam Ryall got in touch after our previous […]

Set fair for Tennis value

September 1, 2012 Kevin Egan 0

In terms of matches we’re now over half way through the US Open, which leaves us in an excellent position to assess the special offer currently on offer from Paddy Powers. The leading Irish firm […]

When are Specials really Special?

August 24, 2012 Kevin Egan 4

Roughly a decade ago, yours truly was working as an odds compiler for Paddy Powers at a time when “Special Offers” were a relatively new invention. Each one was a big deal and very often […]

Money is not always worth following

August 18, 2012 Kevin Egan 2

A topic we’d like to discuss here on the BetPreviews.com Betting School is in the area of Market Moves. Earlier this week this columnist got a text from a former colleague, though not one from the betting […]

The Importance Of Multiple Betting Accounts

February 17, 2011 admin 0

Today, online sports betting is a worldwide industry with millions of people engaging in the casual betting experience.  People now place bets on the outcome of sporting events in the same way that they play […]

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