Betting Inplay – The Benefit Of Betting Live

If you are a keen punter there is no doubt you would’ve heard of the latest big thing in online sports gambling… Betting live and in-play. While this option has been around for quite a while, it has only really started to take off in a huge way in the last couple of years.

In-play football betting getting bigger.

So what is in-play betting, and how can it benefit you?

Betting in-play is the term used for betting on an event once the action has already started. Whether it is a horse race, football match, tennis, cricket or pretty much any sport these days, you have the ability to place a bet on the action in real time as the action is in progress.

Before in-play betting became available, the only form of placing a bet was a pre match or race bet. All the form studying in the world could lead you to deciding to bet on a specific outcome in an event, but as soon as that event started you were powerless to react to what was actually happening live and in real time.

As a football match unfolds in front of your very eyes, you can see that the team you backed are having an off day, or the star striker was carried off injured after just 10 minutes, yet your bet was placed and there is absolutely nothing you could do to prevent your bet losing. This is the REAL benefit of the in-play betting option.

These days you can watch the action live, whether it is on the TV, live streamed to your PC or even at the game itself, and bet according to your judgement of exactly what you see. If you have the ability to analyse what you see, your betting selections will hold far more strength than if you just placed a bet before a ball was kicked.

All online bookmakers now offer live betting, but some are far better than others. The current industry leader is Bet365 who have an absolutely huge amount of sports action which can be bet on as the action happens. Bet365 also stream over 35,000 live sporting events to your PC every year, giving you limitless options to get involved in live betting.

With such a range of betting markets offered in-play, the odds really can begin to swing in your favour if you are able to watch a match closely. Whether it be betting on the next team to score, match odds, who will get the most corners, in-play Asian handicap betting.. there really is an option for everybody to make regular profit from watching live sport and betting on what you are witnessing live, rather than being forced to make your choice before a ball has been kicked.

In the ever progressing market of online betting, the option to bet live and in-play has been a real godsend for punters.


Author profile:  Ian Hutchison is owner and chief editor at TVBet where he utilises over 2o years of betting experience by providing betting tips and previews for football matches and other major sporting events.


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