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Welcome to my first betting blog for BetPreviews and hopefully it will be the first of many detailing my betting journey. 

A brief background to why I’ve decided to do this, well I’ve known the owner of BetPreviews for a few years and have been a regular reader of the various tipsters on here. I’ve had a few winners, some big priced ones, along with a few losers. It’s the same on other sites I read – bettingzone, betting.betfair, racingpost etc.

After a recent chat with the guys at BetPreviews I thought why not start to treat my betting as more of a business rather than a hobby. That means getting a firm grip on discipline, money management, record – keeping etc. The guys have given me some guidance as to how to research good tipsters, build a betting bank over time and become a bit sharper in my betting ways. I’ll share some of that stuff over the coming weeks but for now I want to get started on the betting and what i’ll be doing on here.

Each week I hope go get a post up here showing my P/L for the week on various sports. It will help keep me focused on my long term goal of becoming a consistent winner with the bookmakers. I don’t have a particular £££ goal for the end of year 1 or anything, in fact I don’t want to be putting myself under pressure of chasing a specific £££ amount. I just want to get discipline and execute good money – management, everything should take care of itself.

I’m starting off with a betting bank of £4,000 and will be betting £50 per 1 unit. Most of my bets will be level 1 unit stakes but in some cases I will adjust up or down depending on the sport and tipster in question. My full range is as follows:

0.5 units = £25

1 unit = £50

1.5 units = £75

2 units = £ 100

I don’t expect to be having many 2 unit bets but they’ll be in my range if I spot something that meets my betting criteria. I’m hoping to start my ‘new’ betting journey on Nov 1st as I should have all the funds allocated to the correct firms by then. I’ll post every Monday evening detailing my Turnover and P/L on each sport. Hopefully some of you will find it interesting – Xing.

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