SWAIN – betting on UK races

This is my first ever blog post which I’ve decided to do to help improve my betting discipline and hopefully make me a more profitable bettor in the long term.

The focus of my betting is on UK horse racing, something which I’ve been doing close to 30 years and quite successfully for many of them years. My alias on here is Swain, one of my favourite horses from the 90’s, and one which won me a lot of money at the time.

For many years I failed to keep accurate records of my bets so I can’t say for sure how much I’m up lifetime. It’s probably not as much as I think since it’s a gambler’s nature to overstate winnings.

I usually bet on horses every day of the week with most of my bets coming on Saturday. I get much more involved for the big racing festivals and look to trade for back to lay bets in the big Handicaps.

There is certain tipsters that I tend to follow but usually I look to do my own research before placing bets. I will post up to date records here on a regular basis detailing the selection, stake and price. My staking plan will be shown in Units rather than monetary value since that seems to cause issues for my missus whenever she sees my bets.

Check back here in the coming weeks to see my next post which will show all my bets placed from July 1st.

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