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Our Golf experts post weekly selections from both the PGA & European Tour. Here’s their record.

We have eight tipsters in our list of Golf experts to follow and our weekly tournament preview guides list the picks of these guys.

Couple of things to consider. Unlike in our football portfolio, we don’t adjust the staking plan of our tipsters as we’re committed to at least a season long campaign and we trust them to implement their own staking plans. Therefore it’s important to view each tipster in isolation from each other and this is reflected in our recording where we we have broken out the individual performances.

The nature of golf betting is such that you can often go months without a landing a winner so it’s crucial you adapt a long term view and have the bank to cover you throughout the season. Given the high variance, it’s not advisable to use the same staking plan for your golf as you have for your football betting.

You will often see multiple tipsters going for the same player in a tournament which will result in increased stakes on that player. Our view is that each tipster is to taken in isolation and their record assessed at the end of the season.

The betting records of the Golf experts can be found by clicking here and records all bets made since the opening week of November. 

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Good Luck.

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