NCAAF Week 12 Best Bets

November 19, 2015 Victor Holliday 0

Aside from a couple of marquee Big 12 battles the college football slate is rather quiet this week, but that shouldn’t stop us from making a little money, should it? I might not have any […]

NCAAF Week 10 Best Bets

November 6, 2015 Victor Holliday 0

We’ve reached the most important part of the college football season now, as teams are fighting for bowl berths, conference championships, and in some cases a spot in the 4-team playoff. We’ve got a great […]

NCAAF Week 6 Best Bets

October 8, 2015 Victor Holliday 0

The college football season rolls on and we’re rolling right along with it, though some weeks it rolls right over us. That was certainly the case for me last week, as all three of our […]

NCAAF Week 5 Best Bets

October 1, 2015 Victor Holliday 0

Though several intriguing matchups dot the college football landscape this week, I’m staying away from some of the bigger ones: Notre Dame/Clemson, Georgia/Alabama, Ole Miss/Florida… all games in which you could make a compelling case […]

NCAAF Week 4 Best Bets

September 24, 2015 Victor Holliday 0

We’re just creeping into the meat of the college football season now, as conference play has begun around the country and teams are beginning to show their true colors, for better or worse. And while […]

NCAAF Week 3 Best Bets

September 17, 2015 Victor Holliday 0

The third week of the college football season is generally when the lopsided, unwatchable matchups begin to fade from the schedule and teams begin to settle into conference play. In other words, it’s about to […]

NCAAF Week 2 Best Bets

September 11, 2015 Victor Holliday 0

Ahh it’s good to be back here at BetPreviews, a site designed solely for the profit-minded bettor. I hated abandoning you, dear readers, last season– especially when I had such a successful campaign– and I’m glad […]

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