NFL Week 4 ATS Contest

The BetPreviewsUSA SuperContest is a free to enter competition where readers make weekly picks against the LVH Casino SuperBook contest line.

The BetPreviewsUSA SuperContest is based on picking winning teams against the LVH Casino SuperBook contest line. Contestants must select five teams per week from the lines posted below. Contestants may not select both sides of the game on a single entry. Each winning selection will be credited as one point. Ties (pushes) count as one half point.

Overall Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 places in the SuperContest: 

1st: €200 (€100 cash + €100 free bet)

2nd: €100 (€50 cash + €50 free bet)

3rd: €50 (€25 cash + €25 free bet)

4th: €25 free bet

5th: €25 free bet

We will also be running monthly and post-season Mini Contests meaning you can join at any stage throughout the season. Prizes will also be on offer for the top place finishers in the Mini Contests.

Week 4 lines: 

As with last week, select five games ATS, and you can’t pick both sides of the same game. Make your entries in the comments box below. Good Luck!

Washington -3.5 vs NY Giants – Thursday

Miami -4 vs Oakland

Green Bay -1.5 @ Chicago

Houston -3 vs Buffalo

Indianapolis -7.5 vs Tennessee

Baltimore -3.5 vs Carolina

Detroit -1.5 @ NY Jets

Pittsburgh -7.5 vs Tampa Bay

San Diego -12.5 vs Jacksonville

San Francisco -5.5 vs Philadelphia

Atlanta -3 @ Minnesota

New Orleans -3 @ Dallas

New England -3.5 @ Kansas City – MNF

Home teams in BOLD

Below are the current standings after week 3 of the contest.

Player Week 3 Overall Pts
Tom 4 10
Brian Cahill 5 10
Nicky Baker 4 9
Sean Carroll 3 8
Brad Allen 3 8
Kenny Kingston 4 8
Victor Halliday 2 7
Deggy 3 7
Emma Newbery 2 6
Derek Custer 3 6
Thomas H 4 6
Ross Jenkins 0 5
Big Amo 2 5
Darren Jenkins 3 5
David D 0 4
Nick Moss 2 4
Ben B 0 3
Gary Irvine 0 3
David Moylan 2 3
Martin Moylan 3 3
John Mullen 0 2
Andy Jones 0 1


Other Rules:

  • One entry per IP address 
  • Cash prizes will be sent via Skrill or Paypal
  • Free Bets will be credited upon opening a new account with one of our sponsored bookmaker partners.
  • If you pick more than 5 teams, we will take the first 5 listed by you in the comments box.

16 Comments on NFL Week 4 ATS Contest

  1. Sent via email:

    Thomas H
    New Orleans

    Kenny Kingston
    Green Bay
    San Diego
    New Orleans

    Victor Holliday
    San Diego
    New Orleans
    Tampa Bay
    San Fran

  2. I posted my picks yesterday but they didn’t upload, bad times! I’ll take some on the late games instead;
    Jacksonville +12.5
    San Francisco -5.5
    Atlanta -3
    New Orleans -3
    Kansas City +3.5

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